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Wiz Khalifa Handcuffed for Riding His Hoverboard In Airport

Rapper Wiz Khalifia, of Black and Yellow and other hit song fame, was handcuffed at LAX airport for refusing to dismount his two wheel self balancing hoverboard. Khalifa posted a recap of the events on his Instagram and Twitter profiles. In a tweet recounting the event he remarked, “Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun, all because I didnt want to ditch the [technology] everyone will be using.” He want on to encourage kids these days to do what they want including riding hoverboards.

As you might have expected this isn’t the first time Khalifa used Twitter to let his fans know of an airport transgression: In May 2014, the rapper tweeted after an apparent drug arrest at an El Paso, Texas airport.

Khalifa went on to say that he has thoughts of designing his own hoverboard. Would you ride a Wiz board? Let the Hoverboard HQ team know in the comments below!

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