are hoverboards safe

Are hoverboards safe?

Are hoverboards safe? We hear this question almost daily. Recently there has been a rash of cities banning Hoverboards over safety concerns. There is even a hashtag on twitter for people falling off their hoverboards. Thus raising the question of whether hoverboards are a safe gift for this coming holiday season. Kids are asking for hoverboards at an unprecedented rate this year. Parents may be asking are hoverboards safe for kids or what safety features should they look for in a hoverboard? Below are key hoverboard safety factors:

So are hoverboards safe?

  1. The safety risks decrease greatly with a more powerful hoverboard motor. The more power results in more balancing power which helps riders avoid falling. Towards the bottom of the article we list hoverboards that have powerful stabalizing motors. These hoverboards are built with the proper wiring and have enough power to keep hoverboarders safe.
  2. Users should always wear a helmet. Even though hoverboards are very easy to use and balance, one cannot account for outside forces effecting your ride. Say you are rounding a corner and someone pops out. You might not be able to stop or maneuver your board in time. Wearing a helmet is not only safe but some modern offerings are also fashionable.
  3. When learning how to board first read the safety instructions that come with most new hoverboard purchase. There are also a great number of youtube videos that can break down the process of riding for beginners or those concerned about hoverboard safety.
  4. Hoverboards might be more challenging for the eldery as balancing requires adequate core strength to avoid falling forward or backward.
  5. When you first start riding be sure to avoid crowds as you will going faster than people walking. Weaving in out of the crowd requires some skill.
  6. You should be able to hear everything around you so avoid wearing headphones. You will be more aware of possible cars and people.

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