Mark Cuban to Sue All Hoverboard Makers

Mark Cuban, of Shark Tank various startups and Dallas Mavericks fame, is claiming to own the patent for all two wheel self balancing hoverboards. He partnered with Shane Chen, the inventor of the hoverboard (no relation to Steven Chen an early founder at Youtube), in 2014. Since then he has vowed to sue all patent offenders to take back/over the hoverboard industry.

The original patent application included the image below. Clearly you can see that it is pretty much the blueprint for all the major two wheel hoverboards currently on the market. If the patent holds and with all the money Cuban can spend in court fees this issue could put a halt on many hoverboard makers. In fact Cuban and his team have already sued IO Hawk the maker of the popular intelligent personal mobility device hoverboard.

hoverboard inventor mark cuban steven chen

The latest we have heard is that Cuban has sent out various cease and desist letters to hoverboard manufacturers. The issue is fairly complex as most hoverboards are made in China and imported into the United States and Europe. The items have to pass through customs so a single win in court for Cuban could stop all shipments going through customs.

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