how do hoverboards work


What you need to know about your hoverboard to keep safe and choose the best hoverboards for sale.

Self balancing hoverboards can detect where your weight is pointed towards. When you move slightly forward or backwards the hoverboard motor senses the change and moves in the corresponding direction. The acceleration corrects corresponding to the angle change and that’s how the hoverboard remains balanced. Hoverboards are easy to ride as the concept is very similar to walking or any board sport. There is very little learning curve other than figuring out how much weight to transfer to make turns or accelerate.

how do hoverboards work

What makes riding hoverboard a little more difficult is we can’t determine how close the hoverboard is to its top speed. When going up a hill you could be at top speed and the hoverboard may not have enough power to continue forward or self balance. It is important to stay aware to be able to predict when this might occur.

High quality two wheel self balancing hoverboards will usually require 500W motors on each side for a total of 1000W. This is an adequate amount of power to stay stable in almost all circumstances. Cheap hoverboards for sale on the market today are closer to 250W which could result in a lack of stabilizing power. In general terms the more power the hoverboard has the more safe it is to ride.

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