what hoverboard to buy

How to know what hoverboard to buy

With the Christmas season approaching there will be hundreds of different stores offering hundreds of different hoverboards for sale. How do you what hoverboard to buy? Well that really depends on what type of board you are looking for but no matter what there are certain factors that all hoverboards should have regardless of shape, style etc.

1000W Hoverboard Motor

Hoverboard motors do more than deliver speed for riders. The motors also keep the board balanced. Cheap imported hoverboards usually have weaker motors. While this may seem inconsequential or only effect things like top speed it actually effects the overall safety of the device. 1000W hoverboards or above are much safer than lower powered devices especially if the user is an adult. The more weight on the board the more the motor has to work to keep the board stable.

Reputable Manufacturer

With the rise in popularity of the hoverboards many new startup board makers are popping up left and right. Most of them are importing their boards from China. While the vast majority are safe and well made there are factories that are taking dangerous shortcuts and even purposely deceiving both their buyers and the end consumer. Before buying a hoverboard you should research the company and see of any complaints such as fires or overheating. This may be a sign of factories taking shortcuts with cheaper fuses and overall wiring materials. When buying hoverboards online be sure to read the reviews and make sure the site looks professional.

Size Matters

Hoverboards come in a few different wheel heights. The larger wheels are usually able to carry more weight than their smaller counterparts. A good rule of thumb is to buy the bigger wheel options if you are a bigger person. Most hoverboards will be able to carry 250 pounds or so. The larger more powerful boards can carry closer to 400 pounds. Unlike bikes there are really no guidelines provided by hoverboard makers as to the proper size to height or weight proportions. When in doubt buy the larger unit if available.

Already own a hoverboard? What did you look for to know what hoverboard to buy?

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