are hoverboards illegal in new york city

Reversal: Are hoverboards illegal in New York City?

Good news for hoverboarders in New York. While cities across the globe are seeking to make hoverboards more regulated, NYC is going in the opposite direction. A possible shift from the already imposed ban of hoverboards is in the works after New York State Senator Jose Peralta addressed a crowd at City Hall Tuesday. In his message he noted the classification of hoverboards similar to motor vehicles made no sense. He instead proposed classifying them in their own category.

After many questions were raised over the holiday season with cheap hoverboards catching fire this seems to be odd timing to most outside the industry. However, the supply of these cheap hoverboards are dwindling and harsher standards are being put in place at customs. Most retailers are trashing the old supply and replacing them with up to code hoverboards that are built better and overall much safer.
This may further muddle the question of “are hoverboards illegal in New York City?” Might be interesting to see if people are cited for riding their hoverboards now. Perlata hinted that the new classification may require wearing safety gear such as elbow pads and helmets. Something that we wholeheartedly agree with. We will update you as more cities decide the fate of hoverboards.

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