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EPIKGO Hoverboard Review

The EPIKGO All Terrain Self Balancing HoverBoard is one of the best off road hoverboards on the market. See why our EPIKGO hoverboard review made us reconsider the best hoverboard on the market!

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During our EPIKGO review we passed many people in the local park and besides the Segway miniPro this got the most head turns or comments. The EPIKGO is fully UL certified and they were some of the first to pull their former models from the market when they were experiencing battery short problems. Those day are long past them and their new model is surely much safer as it has gone through over 100 separate tests to get UL certified.

We tested the EPIKGO on everything from smooth pavement to gravel roads and it handled it all pretty well. The only problem we found was the power did not really allow you to go uphill on a gravel road but then again we haven’t found any other hoverboard that could do that yet.

The EPIKGO has a dual 400W battery that allows it to climb at 18 degrees of elevation. It can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge. This was about average for most of the hoverboards that we have tested but this one packed more power/off road ability so it was still impressive.

Along with the powerful batteries the EPIKGO comes with fully rubberized 8” tires that can take you pretty much anywhere with great clearance for those bumps along the way. It glides through most terrains with ease and can even make it through mud. The platform was also much more roomy than most of its competitors which gave it a more stable feeling and obviously more room for those with larger feet.

If you are upgrading your hoverboard from an older or less expensive unit you will immediately notice the high quality aluminum frame compared to cheap plastic. Between the high quality tires and frame the upgrade truly will feel like a worthy one.

During our EPIKGO hoverboard review we even tested the waterproof ability in case we got stuck in a puddle that a little deeper than we thought. If you’ve ever ridden a hoverboard you know what we are talking about. The EPIKGO handled a partial submersion with ease. We noticed no problems after the test.


Size – 23 x 7.5 x 7 inches

Weight – 40 pounds

Frame Material – Aluminium Alloy

Tire Material and Size – Rubber / 8”
Battery – Dual 400W


All terrain
High Clearance
Quality All Around


Not many

Buying Recommendation

The EPIKGO and the Swagtron T6 Off road are really at the top of the class when it comes to all terrain hoverboards. If you are looking for a high clearance and high quality hoverboard then the EPIKGO would be our top pick.

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