veeko hoverboard review

VEEKO Hoverboard Review

The VEEKO Hoverboard is a high quality road hoverboard with great battery life and safety features.

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The VEEKO Hoverboard features large 6.5” wheels that are more than sufficient for road use. While not designed specifically for off road it handles pretty well when going over tightly mowed grass in between sidewalks and roads.


You can tell that VEEKO takes safety seriously as it is UL 2272/2271 certified. This usually means they have gone through over 100 tests to pass certification. Many manufacturers have to reduce their battery life in order to meet the requirements but the VEEKO hoverboard lasts 2.5 hours. It is powered by dual 350W batteries.


The VEEKO hoverboard is lightweight enough that it almost acts as a motorized skateboard. You can pick it up and carry it around when commuting as it only weighs 22 pounds. Many of the leading hoverboards weigh close to 40 pounds!

VEEKO packs a ton of style into this unit as well. You can ride around with LED lights and snazzy aluminum chrome wheels. At 225 lbs, It also has one of the higher weight limits of any of the hoverboards we tested in this price range.


VEEKO backs their hoverboard with a generous 1 year warranty. We found that it was well constructed so you probably won’t need to use that warranty.

VEEKO Hoverboard Specs:

Battery: Li-ion 36V 4 Ah
Range per charge: approx. 12 mi.
Charging time: 2-3 h
Motor power: two 350W motors
Load capacity: 225 lb.
Item weight: 22 lb.
Item dimensions: 23.0’’ x 7.3’’ x 7.0’’
Max. climbing limit: 15º
Operating temperature: 23ºF to 113ºF
Charging temperature: 32ºF to 104ºF


Low cost with a ton of high end features
High weight capacity
Generous warranty


No built in speakers

Buying Recommendation

The VEEKO hoverboard is one of the best options in its price range. If you plan on using this for your commute it will be easy to carry on the bus or hop in an Uber. Overall the VEEKO hoverboard review went over very well with our testers.

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