mega wheels hoverboard review

Mega Wheels Hoverboard Review

For our Mega Wheels Hoverboard review we decided to put this bestselling hoverboard through the ringer. We know it’s not meant for advanced users but we wanted to test it out anyways to see if it was a good option for beginners looking to get started with hoverboarding. We were surprised by some of the positives we found but also found a few missing components that would have made for a better hoverboard.

Mega Wheels Overview

Seeing that the Megawheels lineup is made specifically for beginners who are just starting out we tested how easy it was to get started and do some basic moves. The sensitivity was pretty decent and did not require a ton of effort leaning one way or another to get it to move. That makes it a pretty good option for beginners as your center of balance will be closer to center. The low speed operation and high speed warning are also great features for beginners.


The Megawheels tops out at around 7.5 MPH and gets to full speed at a nice clip without being overly jumpy. The firm platform can hold up to 220 lbs comfortably and did not feel like it was going to crack. There are built in bluetooth speakers that allow users to jam out when cruising down the road.


Decent price for all the features like bluetooth and low/high speed safety. The ease of steering was some of the best we have tested so far. It would be perfect beginners or kids on a budget that don’t want or need fancy features like offroad tires or higher top speed.


The low weight limit will make this hoverboard more suitable for kids and skinnier/smaller adults. The top speed isn’t all that impressive.

Buying Recommendation

Overall, the Mega wheels review went well and we would not hesitate recommending this hoverboard for beginners or adults just looking to cruise around on a quality hoverboard. If you need a higher weight capacity or want a higher speed we would recommend the Razor Hovertrax.

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