XtremepowerUS Hoverboard Review

XtremepowerUS Hoverboard Review Self Balancing Scooter

For our XtremepowerUS hoverboard review we compared it to similarly priced hoverboards for sale. This hoverboard is aimed at beginners and for those wanting to buy a hoverboard as gift. It comes in many different colors and the LED lights are a cool touch that are not usually seen on a hoverboard at this price range.

Please note: This is not an offroad or high performance hoverboard and the price shows. However, this is one of the best deals on the market for a high quality “starter” hoverboard.

XtremepowerUS Hoverboard Overview

The XtremepowerUS hoverboard comes packed with features that make it a great option for beginners. It is easy to get started and steer with minimal effort. You can keep your center of balance centered more than other units that might have more power and require more weight to move. The large footbed provides a nice stable base as well.


The XtremepowerUS self balancing scooter 23″ (L) X 7.25″ (W) X 6.75″ (H) with 6.5 inch wheels. This provides a very stable platform for riders both young and old. The weight limit is 220 lbs which is pretty standard for hoverboards at this price point. It comes with a powerful 4.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery which you can charge in 2-3 hours. Max speed is fairly high at 8 MPH so you can get places faster than walking. Built in bluetooth speakers allow you to cruise with tunes playing from your phone.


The large stable base is great for beginner riders and those just looking for something easy to ride for an extended trip. The max speed of 8 MPH is faster than many hoverboards at this price point. We especially liked all the LED lights which really make this hoverboard standout.


Weight limit is still low but comparable to others at this price point.

Buying Recommendation

Overall this is a great option for those looking to purchase a hoverboard as a gift with all the different color options. You can also rest easy as all components are UL certified and have built in safety features like low battery alert and a safe max speed.

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