Gotrax HoverFly ECO

Gotrax HoverFly ECO Review – Gotrax Hoverboard Review

The GoTrax Hoverfly ECO is one of the best selling hoverboards from the GoTrax hoverboard lineup. It may not be as popular or as powerful as the Gotrax Hoverfly XL but it is a good option for younger riders or those that do not need the added power of the XL. All Gotrax hoverboards are designed in Denver which makes them more American than most, which really isnt saying much.

Gotrax Hoverfly ECO Overview

The Gotrax ECO has a top speed of 7.4 miles per hour which is about standard for most hoverboards at this price point. You can go at full speed for about 2 hours ride time. We think you could easily make it 3 hours at half speed so it would be an OK option if you are using this hoverboard to commute. The 250W dual batteries give this a pretty good amount of torque which Gotrax highlights over and over on their website.

The LED lights have some nice effects which will surely impress your friends. The weight capacity is only 220 pounds so this might not be the best option for adults or older kids. The wheelbase was fairly stable and wide enough for an adult’s foot so a kid should have no trouble staying on and maintaining balance.


We appreciated the LED lights and fast startup speed. The 2 hour runtime would work for most hoverboarders. The warranty seems fairly reasonable and all the components are UL certified so you can rest easy that this guy won’t go up in flames.


The low weight capacity will be a deal break for some but for kids this is still a great option

Buying Recommendation

Overall the GoTrax Hoverfly ECO would be a great option for beginner hoverboarders not wanting to drop a ton of money. You will still have a solid board that has a pretty high top speed to keep up with your friends. The LED lights will keep you safe and look cool at night. We would have not problem recommending this product to friends and family.

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