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Hoverboards for sale in our shop

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What are hoverboards?

Hoverboards are essentially hands free Segways or self balancing scooters.  You lean forward to go straight ahead and backwards to well… go backwards. The more you lean to one side the more you turn to that side. The more you lean forward the faster you can go. Ready to go? We have many hoverboards for sale and many brands to choose from in our shop.

Hoverboards come in many different shapes, sizes, speeds and price ranges. The leading supplier of hoverboards is IO Hawk. They offer hoverboards that can go close to 15 MPH and range in price from $1200 to $1000. Several startup board makers have offerings in the low $300 but do not have as long of battery life or the same speed capabilities.

Choosing the right hoverboard usually depends on the type of riding you plan on doing. Some hoverbaord enthusiasts prefer to use these instead of walking to and from work, while others use them as a form of sport. Many hoverboarders are competing with each other via various tricks or dance routines.

The latest fitness centered craze for hoverboards has been seen with athletes on campus. For example, football players have to have “fresh legs” for gameday. Walking around campus to classes after a rough game does not allow muscles to fully recover. Team trainers are encouraging athletes to use hoverboards to help stay fresh.

Hoverboards can also vary in the number of wheels. The vast majority of hoverboards are two wheeled. Often called two wheel self balancing hoverboards. The next most common hoverboard is a one wheel self balancing hoverboard. Both cost around the same amount but single wheels are harder to find and maybe a little less stable.

However you plan on using your hoverboard you can plan on having fun! Share your hoverboard questions with the HoverBoarder HQ crew via our social media outlets.