Airwheel Q6 170Wh Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

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Max Speed: Approx. 18 km/h (alert on whilst exceeding 12 km/h)
Protected Hiking Perspective: Approx. 15º (riders weighing 60kg stand up to 18º)
Battery: 130Wh/170Wh/260Wh/340Wh Lithium
(Coverage board with SOC equalization)
Temperature: -10-40ºC (Best possible at 20-30ºC)
Weight Prohibit: 120kg
Charger Voltage: AC220V50-60Hz
Fee Time:
130Wh (approx. 90 min; eighty% charged in 60 min)
170Wh (approx. 120 min; eighty% charged in 80 min)
260Wh (approx. 180 min; eighty% charged in 120 min)
340Wh (approx. 250 min; eighty% charged in 160 min)
Exterior Parameters:
Measurement: 531mm x 352mm x 190mm
Petal Height: 110mm
Tire Measurement: 14in (360mm)
Protection Measures:
Tilting Coverage: 45º aspect-to-aspect on moderate (motor stalls whilst tilting over 45º)
Speed Prohibit Coverage: Turned on at 12km/h (entrance a part of petal will upward push to forestall additional acceleration)
Low Battery Coverage: Activated on 10% Energy battery (entrance a part of petal will upward push to slow down to full forestall)
Energy and Error Indication: LED Energy indicators (pink whilst turned on, blinks whilst Coverage activated)
Battery Energy: LED Energy indicators (four bars on whilst over eighty five% off one after the other as Energy stage drops)
Alert Sound: Beep (beep whilst powered on, continual beep whilst Energy stage is dangerously low)
Long buzz (whilst tilting sideways)
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