Deluxe 3 Wheel MINI Scooter – Perfect for 2-5 Year Olds. New Design with Adjustable Handlebars and Light Up Wheels.

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Let your kids feel the advantages of having a BoomSkootz 3-Wheel:

Our scooters will let your girls and boys naturally find and develop their balance.

Their confidence can be boosted too as it in most cases doesn’t take long to master riding our scooters, soon you’ll be able to be jogging alongside them to keep up!

This confidence can carry over to other areas of their lives. Kids are very happy to make use of their BoomSkootz to go on short journeys that in the past you’ll have driven. This may occasionally make the entire circle of relatives more active, use them getting to school, walking the dog, journey to the beach, or simply having fun within the back yard. So there are one of the many benefits of having a 3 wheel cruiser, but why select BoomSkootz?

The main reason is quality, you’ll be able to see from above that we’ve got involved in delivering the most efficient conceivable quality, so the kids are secure, and that they benefit from the experience of the use of our scooters.

Secondly, we wish them to have a scooter that looks AWESOME, so we’ve got used actually funky deck patterns that set us except for the mainstream.

Finally, we’ve got injected somewhat of the fun factor, by installing LED lights in our wheels.

If you have got older kids, we also produce 4 larger maxi models with their very own unique styling, perfect for 6-10 year olds.

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