District Helmeri FK4 Fork

Producer: District Weight: 10 Oz Offset: 10mm Steerer Tube Duration: 170mm (6.7 inches) Starnut dimension: None Wanted, see image on proper. Most wheel dimension: 110mm Distance among drop-outs: Axel Duration (Bolt taste): 1.75 Inch Axel Duration for one peg: 2.5 Inch Axel Duration for 2 pegs: 3.0 Inch Headset Wanted: Threadless, 1 1/8 inch diameter Compression Compatibility: ICS (included) , IHC (Included, same old and aluminum bars most effective) Deck Compatibility: All decks, compression might want amendment relying on deck. Advisable Equipment/Fabrics: Additional Lengthy Arm Allen wrench Metric # 5. Different Portions Wanted To Make This One Paintings: Threadless Headset Guaranty: Producer discretion. What’s included: Fork, ICS compression, iHIC compression, Entrance Axel, Additional Lengthy Arm Allen Wrench Metric # 5, Allen wrench metric # 6, headset compression ring to be used with iHIC., common compression ring.


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