Fuzion CityGlide Cruising Scooter

Lightweight aluminum frame Large rear brake
Innovative folding system
Hi-speed oversized wheels

The Fuzion CityGlide Cruising Scooter supplies an effective and fast ride for users at the go. With outsized wheels and a light-weight durable frame, the CityGlide is the very best adult kick scooter designed for a fast shuttle or a go back and forth around the city. Highest for users that wish to get there in a rush, get anyplace and far and wide easily with the Fuzion CityGlide Cruising Scooter! CityGlide is a best pick out for pros having a look to cruise to and from work, oldsters having a look to cruise around with the youngsters or somebody on the lookout for a smooth and Relaxed ride now not typical of so much kick scooters. All of Fuzion’s merchandise are constructed of prime quality materials and are built to last.
Lightweight aluminum frame Large rear brake
Cutting edge folding system
Hi-speed outsized wheels
Relaxed handlebar grips
Telescoping handlebars


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