GOOM White w/Bluetooth

Heres our GOOM in white colour with its unique design. Taking a look cool isn’t it?
You’ll be able to easily master the skill of handling the scooter within few minutes ! The utmost speed this scooter can trip is as much as 16km/h. This scooter can also be controlled the usage of a Smart phone too ! Somewhat cool right ?
Go up 15 degree inclines isn’t an issue for GOOM. The load is handiest 12.8 kg with shoulder-width length. So much of us may be able to carry it. Because of the small and compact size, this scooter can easily stored too, even in a car trunk. Here comes everyone’s concern, the battery life. Well it has Somewhat an impressive battery life with a single charge and you may also trip as much as 22km!
Many of us may think this tiny scooter isn’t stable enough to improve a human’s weight. Do not be concerned, the materials used are prime quality to verify safety of the user.
GOOM can also be driven on roads that incorporates stumbling blocks or slopes. You’ll be able to use it even in rainy days and on wet surfaces.
Goom White w/Bluetooth
54.8(scooter width) x 26(wheel diameter) x 59.5(H) cm
12.8kg with battery
Max 16km/h
Max 85kg
Max 35Nm*2
Motor rated power
350W * 2
Max 2100W
Motor keep watch over method
Sine wave vector keep watch over, current & speed loop-locked controlling algorithm
Max 15 degree
Topographic condition
Harden ground, flat earthen floor, rampway below 15 degree,
step now not higher than 1cm, groove now not wider than 3cm
Chassis height
Ground clearance higher than 80mm
IP54 (bizarre water resistant, can be utilized in light rain)
Energy resource structure
30 x 18650 high power Lithium battery unit
Smart BMS
Overpressure/undervoltage/short circuit/overheating protection,
auto sleep/awake, tes


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