Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

Please tighten handlebar clamp using supplied hex wrench before riding
Fun new deck colors with matching anodized T-bars
The smoothest, quietest, lean-to-steer scooter

The brand new Mini Deluxe has the entire features that made the Mini Original the most productive-rated scooter for kids a long time 2-5. The Mini Deluxe is available in 8 great colors, has a better weight capacity of as much as 75 lbs and The brand new adjustable T-bar incorporates little ones as they grow (the T-bar adjusts from 17″ as much as 25″ from the deck – that is 1″ higher than the Mini Original’s stationary T-bar). Your child will love riding this award-winning Micro and you’re going to love the years of Amusing and exercise it provides your child. The sleek-gliding wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and stable steering all make the Mini highest for pre-schoolers and kindergartners. What makes the Mini Deluxe unique is the adjustable T-bar and lean-to-steer design; children steer by the use of their body weight to lean right and left, intuitively learning to lean into a turn, whilst developing the balance and coordination utilized in many sports. The Mini has the smoothest, quietest ride to be had way to top of the range wheels and a versatile fiberglass reinforced deck, which in combination take in bumps within the sidewalk. Safety certified by the CPSC, the Mini Deluxe is really useful for kids as much as 75 lbs. SAFETY – For best possible protection, we suggest that youngsters wear helmets and knee pads when riding. Non marking wheels allow children to discover ways to scoot within the safety of your own home.
Please tighten handlebar clamp the use of supplied hex wrench before riding
Amusing new deck colors with matching anodized T-bars
The smoothest, quietest, lean-to-steer scooter
Before riding, please tighten handlebar clamp to desired firmness the use of supplied hex key


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