Newest Battery Powered Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter

Highest Speed: Appr. 18-25Km
Battery:132WH Lithium Battery
Safe Climbing Angle: Appr 15°, 60kg riders up to 18°


Temperature: -10°C~40°C, Best at 10°~30°C

Charging Time: 1-2 Hrs

Size: Height 450mm, Length 395mm, Largest width 160mm; smallest width 70mm

Tire Size: 360 mm

Car Body: 9.8Kg Without training wheel

Colors: Black, white, blue, red, pink, silver, golden….

Charger:110V or 220V charger

Accessories: Training wheels, long special pump, assistant band, sticker

The product design is fashion specially for common walking person. It is compact size and convenient as a private mini car, you can take it to the office, classroom, restaurants, buses and metros or subways.

A built-in carrying handle makes it convenient to quickly pick up when you get to the stairs.

By foot pedal folded, it does not take up more space than a briefcase, when you put it in your car or home.

Use this product to replace the car for a short distance. This reduced the cost of gas, pollution, and traffic.

It is the latest high-tech means of transport adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm, and gyroscope system to achieve balance by forward and backward leaning.

Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or others, by inclining forward or leaning backwards.

The left and right balance is similar to the technique of riding a bicycle – achieved through slightly slanting left or right.

It is light and small enough to put in your backpack, it is easy to ride, it is your life partner. You may just need one hour to learn how to control and ride it, one day to fall in love with it, enjoying your wheel!

Product Applications of one wheel electric scooter

For Individual

For Busines

For Patrolling

For Tourism

For Robotics

For City road most of places(Shopping malls, parks,metro, plaza)

Highest Speed: Appr. 18-25Km
Battery:132WH Lithium Battery
Safe Climbing Angle: Appr 15°, 60kg riders up to 18°
Capacity: 120Kgs;
Charger Voltage: AC 220V 50-60Hz

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