Proto Baby SCS (Purple)

WILL NOT FIT OVERSIZED BARS CHECK YOUR BARS BEFORE ORDERING* The Baby SCS is a smaller version of the entire size SCS most effective smaller throughout creating a lighter more compact compression system. This is identical system the PROTO Team Riders have been riding and checking out for the last 6 months.PLEASE NOTE: Because the Baby SCS is most effective 3 inches tall (a full inch shorter than the traditional SCS) there may be most effective 1.5 inches of space within the clamp in your fork which means that generally it’ll be required to trim your fork down by kind of 0.5 inches to steer clear of interference with the interior compression cap. In the event you don’t seem to be currently the usage of an SCS and are able to convert it is very important trim 1.5 inches off of your bars as well to take care of your same bar height. If you’re already the usage of a full size SCS and need to switch to the smaller version, your bars will likely be kind of 0.5 inches shorter. Also, because of the total smaller dimensions, only one-1/4 inch bars have compatibility with the program which also mean…


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