Swagboard NG-1 NextGen Electric Boosted Longboard – Motorized Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote – Board Rider Weight Up To 176 Lbs

Swagboard electric skateboard has maple wood deck and grip tape for a secure, comfortable ride.
Motorized skateboard uses wireless remote to accelerate, decelerate, and activate cruise control.
Patented SentryShield design on electric longboard protects Li-On Fe Battery.

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The skateboard of the long run is here! Swagboard NG-1 NextGen boosted electrical skateboard takes the joys of a standard longboard to the following level. This futuristic motorized skateboard is built with a 7-ply Canadian maple picket deck, durable polyurethane wheels, and forged grip tape for a more at ease and safe ride. This boosted board can hold weights of as much as 176 pounds and will commute as much as 11 mph!

The Swagboard motorized longboard uses a 24V Li-On Fe battery with our patented SentryShield design for added safety. A battery indicator mild on both the motor board and the wireless remote will flash when the battery must be recharged. Once charged, this electrical board has a battery life so that it will last between 4 and 10 miles, so it is highest for brief, urban commutes!

This electronic skateboard uses a wireless remote that robotically pairs with the electrical longboard when it is turned on. Use the remote to transport forward, accelerate, slow down, and brake. Swagtron motor skateboard also has a cruise regulate feature that permits the rider to deal with their speed with out touching the throttle!

Amaze your pals and propel yourself into the long run with Swagboard, the following generation of powered skateboards!
Swagboard electrical skateboard has maple picket deck and grip tape for a safe, at ease ride.
Motorized skateboard uses wireless remote to accelerate, slow down, and turn on cruise regulate.
Patented SentryShield design on electrical longboard protects Li-On Fe Battery.
Battery lasts 4-10 miles and has a hallmark mild on remote and longboard that flashes when low.
Boosted electrical board reaches as much as 11 mph, making it highest for brief commutes. Max weight: as much as 176 pounds

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