Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife,

Large blade
Small blade

From fish scaler to wire cutters, the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp has a device for just about any job with out adding vital bulk for your gear, making it the easiest companion for nearly any person. Also known as a toolbox to your pocket, the 3.five” SwissChamp packs an excellent 33 implements, however remains to be compact enough to slot in your pocket or handbag, and can be utilized anyplace from the nice outdoors to any room in the house. The implements are constructed of durable stainless-steel, lift a life-time guaranty and are Swiss-made, this means that they have got been built to last.Wire stripper.Reamer.Key ring.Tweezers.Scissors.Toothpick.Multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier).Picket saw.Fish scaler with hook disgorger.Ruler (cm + inches).Nail file with metal file and nail cleaner.Metal saw.Fine screwdriver.Chisel/scraper.Pliers with wire crimping tool, wire cutters.Phillips screwdriver.Magnifying glass.Ballpoint pen.Pin stainless.Mini-screwdriver.Stitching eye.Length: 3.five”..Width: 1″..Wt. 7 oz…
Massive blade
Small blade
Can opener with small screwdriver
Cap lifter with screwdriver


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