Wheel Wraps – DIY (Fit Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, Pro)

Personalize your EUC
DIY Installation – Instructional Video
UV Resistant

The How We Roll Wheel Wrap personalizes and customizes your Ninebot One to a wide array of colors and patterns, with the added protection of a water and dirt resistant shield to preserve the life of your original Ninebot One shells. The Wheel Wrap is made of Avery Dennison vinyl Supreme wrapping materials, used everyday in car and building applications, die cut to fit the Ninebot One making install easy, and reduces all the waste, precision cuts, and design work you would pay to have it done professionally for half the cost. — The Wheel Wrap does require patience during install for the first time wrapper and a few tools, but the finished product is what will make your Ninebot stand out from the crowd with a professional look and have people screaming, WHAT IS THAT?!, which by now your used to, you Pioneer you. Mix them up with 100’s of different color combinations to match your favorite colors, your favorite sports team. The wrap can be installed with minimal removal of shell parts, or can be installed the cleanest by simply removing the foot-plate, the LED lights, the Battery/PCB casing, and the outer shell. — The kit includes 2 sheets of wraps (both full sides), squeegee tool, and instruction sheet. You will need: Hair-dryer (come-on, borrow one from your closest girl-friend if you don’t have one) or heat-gun, Phillips Head Screwdriver (Outer Shell), Flat Head Screwdriver (outer shell), and Hex/Allen key (optional if removing pedals), Exacto Knife/Razorblade/Scissors (Optional – Removing extra trim from outer shell) — We highly recommend watching our installation tips and tricks prior to installing yourself on Vimeo, so you get lessons from the professionals on how to wrap your Ninebot.
Personalize your EUC
DIY Installation – Instructional Video
UV Resistant
Protects Original Shells













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