Y Glider Deluxe Kids Kick Scooter

Unique ‘Lean to Steer’ method for steering
Soft rubber hand grips for a comfortable ride
Wide deck with suspension for a safe and stable ride

Take to the streets with the Y Glider Deluxe! The original ‘be told, grow, pro’ adjustable steering is helping your child move up during the ranks from beginner to pro. This sleek three-wheeled children scooter comes with the up to date comforts including simple grip handlebars, extra wide deck for safety and a rear foot brake. There is even a selection of 12 vibrant inserts for the front wheel and a customisable fender cap so as to add the overall touch of personality! Y Glider Deluxe vs. Regular Scooter The Y Glider Deluxe combines the joys of standard scooters with a patented design that is helping children develop physical skills. Our ‘be told, grow, pro’ system means that you can set the tilt of the steering to challenge your child each and every step of the best way. The 3-wheeled design makes it more straightforward for them to balance in no time, helping them to concentrate on steering and gross motor skills. It is a whole new approach of riding that may be guaranteed to position a grin on their face!
Unique ‘Lean to Steer’ manner for guiding
Soft rubber hand grips for a at ease ride
Wide deck with suspension for a protected and stable ride


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